22nd day of Thaw, 9th year of King Odyssen

Maister Colman says I’m expected to keep writing every day. Writing is so dull, though… and what does he expect me to grow up to be? A scribe? He must know who I am… but perhaps he’s so old he’s forgotten! That must be the problem. Father will hear about this.

Writing is stupid though! I don’t want to write when I could be climbing trees or playing with Darryn. He makes the best little boats to send down the river, with twig masts and leaf sails and all. I wish I could do that.

Darryn’s my best friend. He lives in town outside the castle. I saw a place inside the walls that his family could have lived in, once, but Father says they can’t live in the castle. It’s not fair! Darryn says he likes it better out there, though. He says castles are cold.