23rd day of Thaw, 9th year of King Odyssen

Father agrees with Maister Colman. I think it’s stupid.

Well… maybe if I write what I did today it will pass the time quicker. Or is that more quickly? Whatever.

I built a fort behind the Cutter’s lodge with Darryn with bits of logs, and we made swords too. The fort’s walls are a bit short, I think, but we made a little place in the middle that is nice. Darryn had a huge sword that I thought looked more like a club, but mine was just right. Not too long, but strongish and not very heavy. It broke when Darryn hit it very hard with his, but he said he was sorry and we found another one like it.

The place in the middle of our fort was a nice spot for me to put my parchment and ink. It looks a bit like a little birds nest in the side of a tree, the kind where the bird has made a hole and put bits of straw in there. Ours isn’t in a tree and we didn’t have any straw, but it’s covered and cozy and there are bits of sawdust in there. Darryn and I can even sit in there. It doesn’t have a door yet, though.

We’re sitting in the fort right now. Darryn was just outside, and he says Nurse is out looking for me. Maybe we can hide from her. Darryn says we will be just like men if we stay in the fort all night.