26th day of Thaw, 9th year of King Odyssen

I lost my papers and pen for a bit! Father was annoyed because we kept Nurse searching for us for so long, and wouldn’t let us go back to the fort. My papers and ink and quill were there, so I didn’t have to write anything. Now I’ve got them back, though – Father sent me and Darryn with Maister Colman to get them.

It rained lots today. Darryn and me were lucky, because we got our things from the fort and back to the castle before it started. A messenger came to the castle today, and Father left on a trip to meet with King Odyssen. They must have gotten soaked. It’s normal for Father to go to the king because lords need to do that, but Mother looked worried today. I don’t think I can remember him ever going through rain.

I wonder why it smells like mud before rain. There isn’t actually any mud until the rain starts.