90th day of Summer, Within sight of Amerset, Brucia

When I saw the pair of dragons perched on the walls of Amerset, my heart lurched. I stared. I shuddered. Everyone on the road was visible, exposed. So we had to get off. We’d have to go around the city. But we hadn’t seen the Sharaglin all morning… where were they? North? South? Surely we hadn’t finished them off. They were probably storming the road behind us looking for their scouts. We couldn’t face an army.

I – yes, I – led the refugees off the road into the forest south-west of Amerset. The cover was sparse enough to look ahead, but thick enough to hide us from the eyes on the walls of Amerset; also, the majority of Sharaglin had attacked from the north. Sasha transformed back into a woman so she could traverse the woods more easily. She did not ride; she walked at our right-hand – western-most – flank.

If we are very lucky, the dragons won’t find us. Meramon said we were far enough that our scent shouldn’t reach the city. I hope he was right.

Eliana said she thought I was leading wisely and well. She said I was a kind leader. I don’t think I am wise or especially kind or anything… I am just doing what has to be done, what no-one else seems to want to do. The people were falling apart, so I had to pull them together. They would be fine when they reached a town or Brucian forces or someone. In fact, one of them might even take lead. Reyla said I should be scarier. Eliana grinned.

Meramon’s sister-in-law won’t talk to anyone but Eliana or Meramon. When she is left alone she mutters or sings to herself. I wonder what happened to her… was losing her husband that hard? Well, okay… I would probably be worse if Eliana died.