4th day of Harvest, Far-eastern Brucia

Sasha disappeared overnight. She just wasn’t there when we woke, nor did she return while we waited. We had to keep moving. Meramon had Intimara mount Tipsy, and then he rode off – presumably to find Sasha. We lost our two greatest defenses in one gutting slash. And right as we were coming to another kingdom.

The Centaur Plains stretch out ahead of us and sweep away into the horizon to where the land meets the sea. One of the men told me should head for the sea, head for the docks of Acacia. We were less than halfway there, but that was if we followed Meramon’s advice and crossed the Centaur Plains and then followed the shoreline north. It would be quicker and safer to cut across Carapacia and go straight up to Lao-Khulmin.

Reyla says that all the children are whispering behind our backs about sorcery and witchcraft and magic. Where did they get such notions from? Their parents, no doubt… surely they aren’t so mutinously arrogant as to distrust Eliana… she is probably the only reason I am still alive to lead them. One man came to me and said we ought to seek out the wizard Talle. Where would we even find a wizard in times like these? In the thick of battle? What battle? Where? Past the Sharaglin and dragons, most likely… and the lurkers. Geran would risk it for the glory, Meramon for the necessity, Eliana, perhaps, for the curiosity, but I won’t. It’s too trivial compared to our safety and getting these refugees to Acacia.

Eliana’s magical orbs had dissipated over the past days, but now they are back and they are still green. The color seems to be similar to the environment.

Intimara looked distressed after Meramon left, but Reyla somehow managed to keep her distracted and then, slowly, sleepy. They fell asleep together.