7th day of Harvest, Northern Lao-Khulmin Forest

No sign of the dragon today. I am extremely grateful. Eliana and Intimara and the children are safe, and that family, and some small remnant besides. Those poor other people, though… poor fools… I did tell them not to light fires, I di warn them. They took things into their own hands, and we all paid for it. Did the creature smell the smoke? Or was it watching us all along? When did it first see us?

We moved around the western edge of the forest, and I kept checking the skies. I didn’t want us to be taken by surprise again. The Lao-Khulmin forest has a loamy, thick smell to it. The air was ever-so-slightly moister than I was used to. There must be a swamp further east.

Reyla and Tim were talking about the dragon while they rode. Tim seemed to be using her naiveté to improve his fanciful comments, such as “Oh, flying’s quite fun” and “That dragon wasn’t so bad, he was only little.” Tim had only flown once, and then on Sasha! I’ve been on Sasha a few times, and those were enough for me. My stomach dropped right out of me when she launched into the air. I don’t know why Reyla nodded at his second comment, though. Then Tim looked over at me and smiled. It didn’t look like one of those self-satisfied smirks that confident liars like to wear. It was gentle and real.

Eliana’s orbs are behaving oddly… occasionally, one will flicker and go out, or swirl and spin and disappear in a tree or the ground. They move faster now than they have ever before. Eliana says they are making her dizzy and sick, and she doesn’t seem able to sleep. The swirling lights make it hard for me to sleep, too.