14th day of Harvest, Acacia, Lao-Khulmin

Meramon and Sasha need to come back. I don’t know how they will find us even now, though. The city is packed… and they wouldn’t know what place to look first. We can’t leave without them, or without at least letting them know where we are going. And should we even leave? I need Meramon’s counsel on this. The wizard Talle seems to think the exodus is a terrible idea, that it is the moving all these people for sheer lack of responsibility. But then, we were Jarbia, in Jarabi Haven… when it was hit by the lurkers, the bloodthirsty shadows… We had to leave. Perhaps the danger is enough to warrant the abandonment of Silencia.

I went out alone this time, and scoured the streets for any sign of Meramon or of Sasha’s blue-streaked hair. There were plenty of faces to check. And plenty of smells, too… urine and vomit and Maker-knows-what else. There were many more and worse of those than I like to remember. So many people. I thought I recognized one or two of the men who had tried to burn Eliana, but they either didn’t see me or did their best to avoid my gaze. There was no sign of Meramon or Sasha.

My sword fetched a good price, yes, but so does everything in Acacia – just about nothing here is affordable. We might have to stay outside the city – I certainly wouldn’t stay in a street – until Meramon arrives. He will return… he has to. He shouldn’t have left in the first place.

Talle came to the tavern and came to our room. He looked at Eliana, gazed at her face and eyes and stared intently at her. Eliana blushed and turned away. I almost took him by the arm and out the door, but he apologised. Then he turned to me, and explained that he had come with more information – yesterday, I had asked him what the voyage would cost – and he said that the trip was paid for by the Brucian throne. Escaping the dragons and shadows would be free. How was the throne paying for the whole of Silencia to travel on the ships? I need Meramon’s advice.

Eliana is confused as me about Talle’s interest in her. He seemed to recognize her, but she says she only knows him from the day he came looking for Tamon’na and Jenna.