15th day of Harvest, Acacia, Lao-Khulmin

A dragon over Acacia is perhaps the worst thing that could happen. So many people are squeezed into the streets, inns, little alleyways, huts, and shop fronts. When I heard the first roar, I froze and listened. I strained my ears. Then there was a second roar. The city boiled with frantic, desperate refugees.

Then there was another roar, off to the south. Another dragon! I thought Acacia was doomed. I climbed onto the inn roof via a balcony and looked out over the roofs of the city, and saw the second dragon. I nearly fell off the edge. I jumped and pointed and shouted, though I wasn’t sure I believed my eyes – “It’s them!” Sitting at the base of the second dragon’s neck, looking as though it was the most normal possible thing to do, were Tamon’na and Jenna.

Their dragon let them down on a rooftop, then faced the first one, reared, and roared. The other snarled back. Conversing? It certainly looked like communication. The first dragon was black, perhaps the one we had seen in Jarabi Haven; it had a bulky head and thick limbs. The dragon that had brought Tamon’na and Jenna was a deep shade of violet, and its haunches were wider than those of the other, but it was otherwise slimmer. A female? So there were more than two dragons… at least now we know.

The dragons faced off, and seemed to disagree on something. The black one spat a jet of flame into a street. The violet one pounced and slammed into its adversary’s side. They snapped and flew at each other like two grotesquely lethal butterflies. But the face-off lasted only a few moments; the – hopefully battered, though I know nothing of dragon resilience – black creature took to the skies and flew away.

The violet one stayed behind, for a little… and it talked! Its voice was deep and melodic, like an enormous, powerful, and yet gentle mother, and I could understand its words. They were few – “You must all leave this land. It is no longer safe for you here.” Then she launched into the air and dropped below the top of the wall.

So perhaps we will have to go after all. If we have Tamon’na and Jenna, though, why would we need to leave? They have befriended a dragon, it seems. I wanted to find them today, but the crowds were too dangerous and frantic for me to leave the inn. The dragon didn’t leave any joy or courage behind.