16th day of Harvest, Acacia, Lao-Khulmin

The dragon’s words sounded like wisdom yesterday. At least for a moment. But, while “Leave, quickly,” might be a useful thing to tell a leader… as soon as the words – and a little flame – reach distraught commoners… mayhem is only a gentle description of the result.

Trampled children and sobbing parents. Lost wanderers. Separated friends peering over a seething sea of heads. Tipsy tempers. Looted stalls and injured guards. People pushed over boat sides and found bloated on the shore or under wooden walkways. So much noise – screams shouts curses, the thuds of boots and slaps of bare feet on cobblestone. If I ever smelled fear, I did today. It was salty and sudden and strong.

I went out after noon to find Tamon’na and Jenna, as well as to check the docks. The docks were a worse mess of scrambling bodies and frantic people than anywhere else in the city. I didn’t find Tamon’na or Jenna there; I found them at an inn a couple of hours later. I took them back to the tavern, and there we stayed for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t have let anyone go out if they’d wanted to. I didn’t want them getting hurt.

Tamon’na told us that they had communicated with the female dragon and befriended her. How or why, he didn’t say. He said the dragon had spoken to them about the war – I could only suppose that meant the slaughter – and told them that the dragons all wanted us dead. The conflict had started because of a small slight, Tamon’na said, and bloodthirst had since made the males greedy and the females hungry. Nesty. That would mean even more dragons. This female dragon had helped them, but she couldn’t protect us all.

Surely bloodthirst isn’t the only thing involved here… dragons have never in the past attacked and overrun Silencia.

Tamon’na’s eyes are a haze. The colors in them shift and fade like clouds on a windy day… is it an Elven characteristic? Or is something wrong with him? It makes him appear unfocused and distant, although he doesn’t act so.

Come on, Meramon.