17th day of Harvest, Acacia, Lao-Khulmin

Today, the crowds were very nearly worse than they were yesterday. People shoved each other aside as though shoving lepers. Screams were punctuated by moans and whines. The reek of rot seeped through the streets, and the air was rank with an ugly taste of death.

I went down to the dock again. Acacian guards had set up barricades so that only a couple of people at a time could board each ship. Talle was watching the proceedings from the side of the dock.

Someone called “Dragon!”, and I looked up. It was the female, the lilac-colored one that had brought Tamon’na and Jenna. She flew low over the city, then circled back and left Acacia again. I don’t think she quite understands or realizes the panic she sent through the crowded city. I don’t know if I properly understand it myself. There was a fresh wave of fear today, though… why? Couldn’t the people see that there was no immediate threat? Didn’t they see the faceoff two days ago? Some of the people had only recently arrived, yes, but everyone from before could tell them what had happened.

Eliana is worried about Gaunt and Tipsy. If we board a ship and cross the sea, we probably won’t be allowed to take them with us. They may seem unimportant, but I am fond of Gaunt. He is almost a friend. And for Eliana, who raised both the horses, and has known them since birth… it is even harder to consider parting with them. Neither she nor I want to cast them aside or – Maker forbid – sell them. It sickens me to think of that… they would likely end up on a butcher’s block…

Perhaps we won’t even cross, though. I want nothing to do with the pathetic rabble that tried to murder Eliana. Who is to say we cannot survive here?

I love Eliana. I love our group, and I’m glad Tamon’na and Jenna are back. If Meramon and Sasha were here, we’d be complete. I wonder where they are.