25th day of Harvest, Molash, Bechia

A little boy from the inn has decided to follow me around. He has a thicket of black hair and a grubby nose, and every time his mother threatens to bathe him he shrieks and scampers away. I wonder how legitimate her threat is. I doubt the innkeeper would spare a tub or water, let alone soap, for such a trivial endeavor. Maybe she’d take her son down to the shore and clean him in the salty tide. It’s flattering that he trails me, yes… but if I wanted to leave town, he’d probably follow me as far as he could and then get lost. Bother him. I don’t want his life on my hands.

Some time around mid-afternoon, someone called out “Dragon!”, and soon other voices picked up the cry, until the dock, inns, taverns, and streets were writhing with panic and people. It turned out to be a false alarm – or if it had been a dragon, it had no interest in the city. I didn’t even see it. The people went back to their places, and gossip had it that another Wyvern Lord had come to Molash. That made more sense.

Maybe I need to just hope they don’t want me dead anymore… and just talk to them. They wouldn’t recognize me, would they? Could they? Only Rashid knows me by sight, and hopefully he is not here yet. He’s their leader, the head Wyvern Lord, and is likely co-coordinating everything until the last ships set sail. A three-kingdom exodus must be a lot of work – a single city was hard enough, and Lady Laura of Jarbia stayed behind until it was, in fact, too late to leave. And how can this exodus stop at three kingdoms? What of Lao-Khulmin? What of Falamorna, and of the Centaurs? Humans are not the only occupants of Silencia, and if they were on good terms with the Sharaglin they would have been considered our enemies.

I hope Meramon finds the others and helps them get out before it is too late to leave the mainland. I can only hope he finds Eliana, too; my searches here have all been fruitless. Either I am blind, or she is not in Molash. Maker, protect her.