28th day of Harvest, Molash, Bechia

I still can’t believe that Eliana would side with Meramon in the matter of kingship. Surely she wouldn’t want to live in a castle! Also, didn’t she remember the way the refugees treated her? And to think… refugees are probably still filtering through Acacia every day. Each new dawn could be a step toward another stake and a fire for Eliana, and I cannot help her from so far away. I can do nothing. I can’t even do what she asks – the Wyvern Lords would kill me if I claimed the crown! How can Eliana say we will be together soon? How can she know? What if her task takes her days? Weeks? A whole season? What if my own task – Maker forbid that I should actually consider it – takes me as long, or longer?

I am lonely here… even Meramon, scoundrel that he may be, is a welcome sight. But to think that he wore Eliana’s cloak to make me find him! I would have gone to him without the deception. At least then I wouldn’t feel so disappointed, so deceived. Though… orange is a rare enough color, so perhaps made him wear it to assure my noticing him. Maybe I can forgive him. Ah, I feel foolish.

So Talle is Eliana’s father? How did she know that? She told me she was an orphan, found on a little boat by the gypsies long ago. If her father was Talle, a wizard… surely he would have used magic to find her long before now. How did he lose her in the first place? If he is lying to her, she is in grave danger.

Eliana says I need to be “the great man I know you to be” – and then follows that by telling me to take the crown. Does that mean I am not a great man if I do not? What then… a child? An evil man? A fool! She takes me for a fool. I don’t know what I did wrong, to make her feel so…