33rd day of Harvest, Molash, Bechia


I wrote down what came to mind about lurkers, then I copied all the diary entries I could find that related to the creatures. I then took all the information and gathered it together into a pile of parchment. And went back over every piece. I was going to give them to the loremaster, so I wanted everything to be accurate and useful.

That took me all morning and a bit of the afternoon. My thumb and forefinger ached from holding my quill so long. After that, I took all the notes and walked to the town center, and with only slight difficulty – I had to ask several people for directions, and two of them had no idea what they were talking about – found the archives building. That title was more impressive than the shabby little two-shelved clutter of scrolls and books I encountered in there. The loremaster was kindly, though, and I talked at great length with him about the lurkers and the exodus of Jarabi Haven. He said he had heard and read a great deal about them some years ago – when he had been in the employ of the ruler of Bechia and was working amidst scrolls and texts in Lufseap, the capital. He said that although he had read some of the texts about lurkers, the troubles with them had ceased. He had moved on to other, more important subjects of study.

I asked him if I could see the scrolls and parchments about lurkers. He sent a boy away on horseback to fetch them from the capital. Now I feel rather excited, and ashamed at the same time… I hope the boy doesn’t run into trouble, with lurkers and Maker-knows-what-else outside the city walls. Hopefully the texts will give us some way to kill, or at least defend ourselves from, the lurkers. These people survived a lurker invasion once before.

It seems almost too much to hope for, really… but I trust the loremaster. His archives are small and shabby but he seems to know a lot, and he is open with that knowledge. I will keep on hoping.