40th day of Harvest, Molash, Bechia

I spent most of the day looking for the nobles of Silencia, who as far as I knew had been moved to gentler accommodation than the dockside taverns. I couldn’t find them. In fact, most of the inns and taverns were empty and quiet! A few beside the docks housed fresh arrivals, but those were all the Silencians I found.

They couldn’t have all been sent to the lurkers, or they’d have resisted and rebelled… so I had to go and ask about them. The lord of Molash said that everyone had been moved to better housing in the capital, where there was more room for them. And, I suppose, it’s easier to keep count of them if they are kept in specific quarters.

I hope I’m just having a bad dream. The Brucians, Jarbians, Carapacians, and other Silencians had never had any quarrel with the Bechians, did they? In fact, I thought Bechia was under Brucian rule. Perhaps my fears are misplaced and undeserved. They might be taking the burden of a swollen population upon themselves, for all I know. How hasty a judge I am. And yet… it all feels so wrong – the welcoming arms of the Bechians, the calm disinterest when I told the guards about the lurkers, the messenger boy whipped for bringing me old texts from an ancient archive…

I hope Eliana and her father are facing better results for their endeavors… because if I’m right, Bechia is a death trap, and we’ll need to return to the mainland. The evil there, at least, is new – whereas here it has been festering, growing fatter and darker for years. I hope lurkers are the only things here; if there’s a dragon… well there are more dragons on the mainland. Which is worse? A rampaging nation of dragons, or a lone dragon that has grown unhindered for Maker-knows-how-long? But now I’m just getting worked up over nothing. There was no mention of a dragon or anything similar in the texts.